Prior to the treatment, the therapist will clean the area using a specially formulated pre-cleansing lotion.

A high quality wax is applied, then by using linen or paper strips the wax is covered.

This process will then remove the unwanted hair.


You should ensure that the hair to be waxed is a minimum of around 0.75cm - 1cm so that the wax

 will take to the hair effectively. This is normally around 2 weeks post-shaving growth for

most people or 4-6 weeks post waxing.



Finer / Weaker hair re-growth

Waxing lasts 4-6 weeks (shaving 1-2 days)

The skin will look naturally smooth

Hair will become sparse over time


Full Leg

Half Leg

Lip / Chin

Eye Brow Shape


Under Arm

Back / Chest


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